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The story of Horses Connecting Heroes

Horses Connecting Heroes is a dream that has come about from my love for horses and my 22 years of being a first responder. At the end of 2014 I found myself empty from giving everything I had in many different areas of life. About that time, we had a few horses that came into my life. One was a purchase for my daughter to learn how to barrel race on. The other was from a friend that didn’t have the ability to care for a horse that she had. I had grown up with horses and given up horses several years back, so I had let myself forget how much I really enjoyed about them.

The horse that was given to me hadn’t exactly had the easiest past. I begin to work with him and understand his personality. But what I didn’t realize till a little bit later is what I was learning about myself. This is something that continues today but I realized about year ago I wanted to help others understand what I was learning. So, God brought be two chances to work with organizations that helped Veterans and their struggles with PTSD. I realize then how much this could serve not only first responders but also anyone else that needed to build or rebuild their foundation. So here we are teaming up with a few great individuals and ready to meet those that are ready to let a horse show them a little bit about their own warrior within.

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